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ScriptCryptor can convert VB and Java script files into executable programs
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ScriptCryptor is a small program. From the name itself, it is software that can encrypt the scripts. It can be used to edit Visual Basic Script and Java Script. Now, script files are files, which are mainly used in windows OS to automate tasks. They are mainly used by system administrators. They are of the file types, VB, VBS, VBE, JS, and JSE.

VB and Java scripts can use the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) API to do advanced system operations. It can be used to create new users, change control panel settings, etc. So, script files can be quite dangerous at times, and can be used to code some malicious programs.

Now, what ScriptCryptor does is that it converts the VB, VBS, VBE, JS, and JSE files or the script into an EXE file that can be executed directly. So, it is like a compiler and editor for VB and Java script files. But it doesn’t have the capability to find errors in the code. It just converts the code into EXE, even if there is a syntax error. So, the errors come only when we run the EXE file generated. It seems to convert the source to be in an encrypted form with a Blowfish algorithm. So, the code cannot be viewed or modified by anyone. But the regular script file can be edited by anyone just with notepad.

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